50 Lezioni Op. 9 – Giuseppe Concone + 2CD



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Giuseppe Concone (1801-1861) is best recognized throughout the world for his didactic works for the voice. Among his rich and extremely varied production, the 50 Lezioni op. 9 is particularly outstanding, a most successfulpublication with numerous reprint editions. There is indeed abundance of simple, expansive melodies with a regular rhythmic pulse in these Lezioni, thus allowing the medium of the voice to develop gradually, without forcing. Thepiano part is sober and striking. Finally, the composer provided numerous dynamic indications and strove to maintain rhythmic variety throughout. Introduction in Italian and English. Beginners to intermediate. 2 CDs of pianoaccompaniments.


Sottotitolo Per Voce e Pianoforte
Compositore Giuseppe Concone
Organico Vocal and Piano
Tipo prodotto Libro + CD
Anno di pubblicazione 2005
Gruppo strumento Musica vocale
GenreView Description Metodi
Artista Ricordi
StylePeriodView Description Romantic
Anno di pubblicazione 2005
ISMN 9790041829425
Numero di pagine 120
No. ER 00294200